The arrangements for the admission of children into the nursery and reception years are made by the admissions section in the Local Authority.

Places in schools are limited by the physical space in the school. Each school has an admission number which is based on the size of the school. If the number of pupils requiring places is more than the admission number then not every child will be successful in getting a place. This is what we mean when a school is said to be ‘oversubscribed’. If the school is oversubscribed the places will be allocated using the following admission criteria:

Looked After Children
Children in Need - as defined by the Children Act (1989) i.e. those who are unlikely to achieve or maintain or have the opportunity of achieving or maintaining a reasonable standard of health or development or a child/children whose health or development would be further impaired without the provision of services of the Local Authority. Applications under this criterion would need to be supported by an appropriate professional stating that attendance at a particular school is essential.

Medical reasons. If claiming medical reasons, parents/carers must provide evidence from the doctor that the child has a medical condition which means that admission to a particular school is essential.

Older brother or sister in attendance at the school at the date when the pupil is to be admitted. This includes step-children and foster children living with the same family at the same address. Other children may be considered under the sibling criterion provided proof is available to demonstrate that the children are permanently resident at the same address as part of the same family unit. The authority accepts that in some family units children may not be natural brother or sister.

Distance from the school. Priority is given to children who live nearest the school. This will be measured in a straight line (as the crow flies) from the centre point of the child's permanent home address to the centre point of the preferred school using the local authority computer system. Those children who live closest to the school will be those who get priority for places.

If you would like to apply for a place for your child to attend Bridgewater, or for further information and a copy of the admissions booklet, please contact:

School Admissions,

Children’s Services,

2nd Floor Unity House,

Salford Civic Centre,

Chorley Road,



M27 5AW


Telephone: 0161 778 0415