Summary of key findings for parents and pupils

This is a good school.

  • Pupils achieve well during their time at school and leave well prepared for their next stage in education. This year, pupils leaving are on track to do as well as others across the country.
  • Considering their starting points, pupils learn well at the school and make good and sometimes high rates of progress due to the good-quality teaching.
  • Teaching is consistently good and a small proportion is outstanding. Lessons are active and provide engaging and challenging learning. Writing is a particular strength and pupils are given every opportunity to improve their writing skills, including when they first arrive in the Nursery.
  • Pupils are proud of their school. They get on very well together and are keen to learn. They feel safe and secure in the highly supportive environment. They attend regularly and most participate well in their lessons.
  • The substantive headteacher has returned after a period of working with another school. She rejoins a very able deputy headteacher and senior leadership team who, together with good-quality governance, have secured the improvements needed since the last inspection.
  • The curriculum improvements have been well secured. Pupils undertake topic work that includes learning about ancient Aztecs, Egyptians, the Tudors and the Victorians. Pupils produce high-quality, three-dimensional artwork which is proudly on display around the school. This is supported by pupils’ equally excellent written work.

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