Mission Statement

‘Nurturing Life Long Learners-
Where Every Step Makes a Big Difference’

Our ethos and values are centred on the mission to:

  • Make a difference in children's lives; see them grow and become confident young people by opening doors to new opportunities and ensuring choice.
  • Foster a belief in achievement built upon aspiration so that all children enjoy learning and achieve across the curriculum.
  • Cultivate talent by giving all children access to enjoyable, exciting learning opportunities with innovative challenges and experiences.
  • Guarantee teaching and learning that ensures the basic skills in preparation for the future by developing successful, independent, creative, resilient thinkers.
  • Provide a nurturing, stable, safe and friendly community built on mutual trust that promotes learning.
  • Instil a determination to succeed by modelling and developing the continuous improvement of ourselves and others.
  • Ensure children know their successes by promoting a sense of pride in all children's abilities and achievements.